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About Charlestongirl

Charlestongirl is a Beauty Blogger who specializes in Beauty

Professional full time, blogger part time. Community activist part time, working to preserve environmentally sensitive land and protect our community. Perpetual volunteer!

Something not commonly know about Charlestongirl:
Community recognition for making a difference. Named Lady Fairfax (Virginia) and recognized for volunteer community work.

Charlestongirl in the press:
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About Best Things in Beauty

Written by a baby boomer. Most beauty blogs target young women. While Best Things in Beauty has many young readers, I target women over 30. I also try to focus on positive reviews, telling my readers about the best products they can find to make them look and feel good. The site was launched in June 09

History of the blog
Saw opportunity to blog about a passion!

Future plans for the blog
I hope to continue to build my readership and begin to accept advertising. For now, I continue to develop relationships with industry members and other bloggers.

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