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Efsun Saunders (London, United Kingdom) is a Beauty Blogger who specializes in Makeup and Beauty Blog

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About Efsun Saunders

Efsun Saunders has got a BA on English Language Teaching (Teaching English as L2) I am married and living in the UK and I am on my 30's I am very passionate on makeup, beauty and cosmetics, I have this pasison since I was a kid. It was my dream to work in a beauty industry ever since I was a kid.

Something not commonly know about Efsun Saunders:
I am a makeup addict :)Diognosis: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to Cosmetics, Treatment: more more and more makeup, cosmetics, skincare and polishes.. I pass this disorder most of the girls I met, My neighbour who is also interested in makeup, in few weeks I turned her into a makeup addict, now as she says she comes home with 2 polishes, few lipstics & etc every so often :) Makeup is my passion,I was very young when I first started to play with makeup, the girls at that age probably were playing with dolls intead of makeup... Details are @makeuptemple.blogspot.com about me section

Efsun Saunders in the press:
Member of : Blog Catalog Member, bloggers.com, Bloglovin, http://www.beautynewsfeed.com/ Blogpaper,Purseforum,Pollyovore, Lookbook, Blogorama, Ifabbo,

Efsun Saunders is also the editor of:
www.makeuptemple.tumblr.com, http://www.luuux.com/members/makeuptemple

About Mystical Makeup & Beauty

I first started to write for a foreign beauty forum, I was responsible from translating the texts, following up the new collections, and publishing those, writing reviews and swatching makeup. I decided to build my own blog, website about mid 2005, and I build up a blog which was open to friends and family, by the end of 2005 that blog was online, my blog hacked by someone and I decided to open up a new blog on New Years day. Maybe there millions of beauty bloggers, Mystical Makeup & Beauty is different she gives all her passion to her blog, she is very patient when it comes to her blog, makeup, beauty, cosmetics are her obsessions. The site was launched in 01/01/2007

History of the blog
I launched the blog to share my love of makeup, cosmetics, skincare I want to share my experiences, My mum and Sis give me the idea to share my experiences, obsessions online. I do not have an age -sex -audiance target,Mystical Makeup & Beauty targets anyone who loves makeup, cosmetics, skincare I my honest reviews, I write my reviews according to my criteria, from my own perspective. I have over 3795 posts on my blog. My main audience is from US.

Future plans for the blog
I have no plans of to stop bloggin, I will blog until I die I guess :)it will always be a part of my life,

The blog can also be found on
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/makeuptemple
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/makeuptemple
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/makeuptemple
Other Networks: http://makeuptemple.co.uk http://www.luuux.com/members/makeuptemple

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