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Gisell Hairstylist (Bethlehem PA (USA), Pennsylvania in the UNITED STATES) is a Beauty Blogger who specializes in diy, hair products reviews, beauty products, jewelry, makeup, gossips, advice and celebrity

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About Gisell Hairstylist

I am a Beauty Expert, Licensed & active Cosmetologist since 1999, total of 17 years. I love to blog. I love anything that has to do with hair & skin and Makeup products. Obsesses maybe. Skin care is my weakness. I love to review and post on all my social media. I love to read, learn and being inspired. I blog about every other day. I would like to do it full time and get paid for it. One day I want to have my own reality show, my own beauty line product, my own makeup line, and much more. I am very ambitious, fun and a go getter! Please read and post comments on my blog. I respond to everyone. If you have any interest or questions please email me at cut2go@hotmail.com. I am currently the Assistant Manager for a Salon.

Something not commonly know about Gisell Hairstylist:
I love to make ppl feel good about themselves. I love when I can change someones opinion of the way they look on the outside. I want to help everyone one person at a time. That is why I enjoy being a hair stylist. I think all women are gorgous, I just come in to enhance and stand out features they never seen before. I love to help people and give them positive advice. I am kind and good hearted. I can be also shy but don't worry thats for a couple of seconds. lol. I am also sarcastic and have a different sense of humor.

Gisell Hairstylist in the press:
I have all my 4 romance novels on amazon. They are published and available on kindle and paperbacks. I have no press info at the moment for my blog but would love to start getting exposure on magazines.I want to be on tv, magazines and everywhere I can leave my beauty tips and advice. I changed my blog name from beautyrumours to dramaandbeauty.blogspot.com Please bookmark my new blog on your computer or cell phones. Thank you *You can follow my Instagram at gisell_hairstylist

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About Hair, Makeup and Skin Care for both Women and Men

I am a beauty professional and licensed. I blog about hair, skin beauty products, and makeup look about how they work and who can benefit from it. This blog is able to connect with readers on many levels with more than 1000 comments to show and over 400 followers plus email subscribers. I like to try products of any brand and post results up. I give honest reviews. So far everything has been positive. I will blog about hair styles, hair cuts and hair issues. I will post before and after work done by me. I want to teach people how to manage and love their hair. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I want to help everyone, one hair at a time. Take care of your skin it's the only one you have. I have about 7k followers on IG and 8k on both my facebook combined. The site was launched in August 2010

History of the blog
I started for fun not to long ago in 2010. I hope people love and enjoy my blog. I enjoy writing and learning new things. I wish I can have more time in a day to blog more. I will try to post something new weekly. So far I am getting a positive feedback. I love and enjoy all my comments, I also interact with everyone. I follow everyone as well please email me if you have any questions. I have been up and running since 2010 cant wait for many more years to come. Now in 2016 I am still up and going. I am an ambassador for IT Cosmetics. I also started working with Motives Makeup.

Future plans for the blog
I would love to get my blog known everywhere. I enjoy blogging and maybe one day my blog could be on magazines in a spot just for me. I want to be #1 on the Konector list. I want to blog all day long. If anyone wants their products reviewed let me know. I recieve samples all the time. I have personal celebrity beauty interviews in my blog now. Krystle Couso, Autumn Hawk and Cindy Barshop and more to come. Please check them out and comment them. Please stay tuned and visit often! xoxo Follow me on twitter and tweet me www.twitter.com/sexy_scissors :) Instagram at gisell_hairstylist make sure to follow as well. The blog will be updated on a daily basis with a very regular posting schedule. I will continue to provide original content and information for my readers with discussion panels. Guest posts will also be accepted. Just shoot me an email.

The blog can also be found on
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sexy_Scissors
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorgisell/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/gisell197?feature=mhum
Other Networks: https://instagram.com/gisell_hairstylist/

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