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Brianna Michelle Thompson (Las Vegas, UNITED STATES) is a Not a blog Blogger who specializes in Product Reviews, Video Tutorials, Beauty Tips and MORE!

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About Brianna Michelle Thompson

I have a BA in Broadcast Journalism and have worked in that industry for 6 years, as well as, a certified makeup artist with over 8 years experience freelancing in tv, print, bridal, and working for high end luxury lines such as Dior, Chanel, and Stila. I started my blog, Makeup Minutes, to be able to reach out to a larger audience and to start a new career direction combining both journalism and makeup expertise. I never got any enjoyment applying makeup on celebrities, who pay lots of money to look good, but what I really loved was applying makeup to real women and teaching them how to look fabulous and be confident with makeup with the right education and product knowledge! Thorough my blog, I am able to reach out to such a large audience and share my red carpet knowledge of the BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS- weather they are cheap or expensive and really educate women on what to look for in ingredients and textures, etc. to allow them to look their very best! I still freelance in the Las Vegas area, and I am soon to be a licensed in Esthetics (skin care).

Something not commonly know about Brianna Michelle Thompson:
My passion for my blog, also stems from being bullied as a child for being overweight. I had low self esteem and putting makeup on myself was my coping mechanism that allowed me to feel a little more comfortable in my skin. I have always had the dream to host my own tv show ( I still do) and I knew that I needed to start dieting, exercising and getting my esteem back, so I started really working on myself from the inside out. It took many years, but I was finally able to say that I truely love myself and know that I am beautiful from the inside. However, makeup was one of the key tools that helped me through this journey. So, I figured there were others like me so I try to practice that adding a little red lip to your wardrobe, could give you the confidence to land that job, or promotion to be the best that you can be! One of my most exciting moments was being featured on the National Dr. Steve Show (NYC) demonstrating makeup techniques to women who suffer from acne and rosacea. We were also featured in Teen Vogue.com, and covered Celebrity Makeup at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, where I got to interview Carly Rae Jepson on her makeup and skin care routines. I am a very hard, committed worker and I like to live my life in balance. I work out regularly and try to maintain a healthy diet. Through my blog, I have been able to live many dreams, and I truely want help others realize their beauty, and confidence so they believe they can do anything they put their mind to.

Brianna Michelle Thompson in the press:
We have been featured in Womens World, TeenVogue.com, InsideFMM.com, Tyra Banks Site: www.typef.com, TheChic Moms Guide.com, Chicagonista.com, Sheckys.com as top Beauty Blogger, as well as, lots of other blogger sites such as Pammy Blogs Beauty, Super Glam News, Rebeccas True Glam, and many more! Guest blogger on various websites.

Brianna Michelle Thompson is also the editor of:
Hopefully Someday!

Brianna Michelle Thompson also contributes towards:
sheckys.com, pammyblogsbeauty.com, superglamnews.com.


I feel that all women should be their own celebrity and have red carpet looks! MakeupMinutes.com educates and empowers women (18-50) through tips, tricks tutorials and more! Makeup Minutes is ... "Your Online Makeup Source To Looking Fabulous!" We do this successfully because I am a working makeup professional with experience in using lots of different beauty products and I know what works and what doesn't on different skin types and ethnicities. I have worked for luxury lines like Dior and Chanel and have also worked and used drugstore products, too! Finding a good product is all in the the ingredients, how it's made, and what you are looking to use it for, and of course the NEED! We educate this by doing weekly product reviews and even have a special section for those "Featured Reviews" on the homepage. We also have a special section for "Featured Smokey Eye Looks" and "Makeup Transformations"! We post daily on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin beauty tips and more. We work with non sponsored posts and sponsored. We have unique and engaging post such as, "Did You Know...", "Beauty Tip Tuesday", and "Looks For Less", "Celebrity Saturday" and many more! If you would like to be featured in one of these posts, please contact me. I am always interested in sponsorships and working together! My broadcast journalism experience allows me to be a great communicator in my videos and writing to be able to connect with my audience in a very easy and comforting way. Currently we are working on a new You Tube Campaign to start doing different Beauty Video Series to give You Tube more of a push to develop a stronger You Tube audience. We are always looking to partner up with beauty companies! The site was launched in January 2011

History of the blog
There was definately a gap in the market. There are a lot of bloggers out there who dont have any professional makeup, or skin care experience, and it always led me to question their expertise. I really wanted to bring credibility to blogging through my 8 years in the Cosmetics Industry, as well as, my Journalism experience. And, I will be liscensed in Esthetics (skin care) come early 2013. We launched January 2011 with a passion to empower women to feel confident to create their own red carpet celebrity looks! Through makeup tutorials, product reviews, beauty tips and more, we educate all women to look fabulous!

Future plans for the blog
We are working on defining our brand by the kinds of makeup looks we produce, and the different series we showcase on our social media sites, as well as, skin care before and afters. Recently, we have just launched a huge online marketing, and PR program to gain more exposure to the website as well as, our social media sites, as well. We have a huge push right now to get our You Tube Channel competitive. We are hoping to do this through partnerships, and our new You Tube Series. We have just launched our "Online Shop" and are looking for retail products to put in our Store that fit with our Brand. We are currently looking for sponsorships and long term partnerships.

The blog can also be found on
Twitter: www.twitter.com/brianna1beauty
Facebook: www.facebook.com/makeupminutes
YouTube: www.youtube.com/themakeupminutes
Other Networks: www.pinterest.com/makeupminutes

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