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cynthia bailey MD (Northern California, UNITED STATES) is a Beauty Blogger who specializes in Skin Care, Health, Beauty, Acne, Skin Problems

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About cynthia bailey MD

Board Certified Dermatologist in full time private practice. I'm a dermatologist blogger and owner of DrBaielySkincare.com, my web site which sells a select collection of proven professional skin care products. These are the products that I've used to treat my own dermatology patients. If it doesn't work, I don't offer it-it's as simple as that.

Something not commonly know about cynthia bailey MD:
I'm a dermatologist writing regular blog articles about skin care.

cynthia bailey MD in the press:
I've been quoted as a skin care expert for numerous print and web publications.

About Dr Bailey Skin Care

Find skin care information from a Board Certified Dermatologist blogger. Find skin care tips that work for my patients with similar skin problems. Your not alone, there are other people with similar skin problems who've turned to me for help. I've figured out how to help them, and my solutions may help you too. The site was launched in September 2009

History of the blog
I started my blog to make practical, physician-quality skin care information on the web where you can find it easily.

Future plans for the blog
I launched my Ask Dr. Bailey column where readers can send me skin care questions that inspire blog posts. I want to write about what my readers want. Is there a skin care or skin health topic you'd like to see covered by a dermatologist? Send it to me.

The blog can also be found on
Twitter: @CBaileyMD
Facebook: Dr. Bailey Skin Care

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