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Carolyn Brundage (Chicago, UNITED STATES) is a Beauty Blogger who specializes in Glamour

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About Carolyn Brundage

Carolyn Brundage Carolyn Brundage is a beauty expert who has penned over 1,500 beauty columns and reviewed over 15,000 products for various publications including The Chicago Sun Times, Orlando Style Magazine, Seattle Times, The St. Petersburg Times and many others. Carolyn currently contributes a weekly column about living glamorously to the St. Petersburg Times and other publications as well as overseeing her own online beauty empire in PrettyCity.com, founded by Carolyn in 2001. Carolyn also shares daily tips about infusing life with Glamour in her blog, Glamour Every Day. Born in New Jersey, Carolyn grew up in Miami, FL, spending summers in the Bahamas where her father’s business was headquartered. In Miami she attended South Center for the Arts before heading off to college in Orlando, FL where, after a brief fling with Broadcast Journalism, she went on to start her own company. That entrepreneurial spirit led Carolyn to launch PrettyCity, Inc. in 2001. 10 years later, PrettyCity.com is one of the most well-respected and well-trafficked beauty sites on the Internet And while Carolyn is a passionate advocate for the power women can find in feeling beautiful, she’s also committed to beauty that’s more than skin deep. PrettyCity, Inc. has raised nearly $100,000 for Breast Cancer charities through its annul “Pretty in Pink” campaign and, each February, PrettyCity partners with The Heart Truth to present “Love You,” a month-long campaign that encourages women to love themselves.

Something not commonly know about Carolyn Brundage:
I speak five languages.

Carolyn Brundage in the press:
I've been featured across magazines, newspapers, TV and radio and my weeky beauty column is published in the St. Petersburg Times and distributed across the wire.

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About Glamour Every Day

Every day, I share tips and tricks for infusing your life with beauty and glamour from chic clothes to makeup musts, from spa services to anti-aging anecdotes and beyond. Oh, and I temper it all with pretty party tips, chic clothing picks and an occasional dose of lifestyle advice. I am an extremely driven entrepreneur, a journalist, a happy wife and mother of two (boys… can you believe it?), a beauty expert, a clotheshorse and a diehard optimist. I’m Carolyn Brundage, Founder of PrettyCity.com, columnist for the St. Pete Times, Orlando Style Mag (and others) and beauty aficionado. While my blog is hosted at PrettyCity.com it’s really my personal take on how to live beautifully. I spend way too much money on beauty products and services (you can thank me later) and I also receive tons of freebies (see my editorial policy below). And much to the chagrin of my skin and hair, I try them all so that I can report back to you about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to gettin’ gorgeous. The site was launched in january 2010

History of the blog
A friend said to me, "You embody everyday glamour..." and the rest is history. My Glamorous Path I’ve always been glamorous. Although, I wasn’t always proud of it. The whisperings of glamour began at a very early age. At my sixth birthday party, I insisted on wearing my prettiest party dress as the other kids arrived in sneakers and shorts. In high school I experimented with lip gloss, hair color and bubble bath for hours on end. I was utterly out of place in the grungy nineties. Thank god for graduation. In my early twenties I dabbled in modeling and acting, mostly because I believed in those circle my glamorous self could thrive. I hated modeling (it wasn’t at all glamorous) and acting involved too much waiting around. Waiting is not glamorous. And so, I realized that for me, glamour could not be compartmentalized. I was the girl in jeans and heels at picnics and the co-worker who boycotted casual Fridays. As far as I was concerned, there wasn’t a moment that didn’t call for gloss and glimmer. My motto became Glamour, Every Day. For the skeptics out there, I can assure you that my love of sparkle and shine has not affected my IQ. If you believe that beauty and intelligence are mutually exclusive, Everyday Glamour is not for you. But for those who know that there’s nothing like a smokey eye and a three inch heel to boast a woman’s self confidence, I invite you to embrace glamour. At work. At home. Among family and friends. Be the most glamorous version of you… every day.

Future plans for the blog
Along the way, I’ll offer tips & tricks to breathe glamour into your everyday life.

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