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About Voxy

I'm a college professor who blogs about makeup. (No, seriously, that's true.) Foxy Voxy's Academic Beauty Collective grew out of a thread on the discussion forums of the Chronicle of Higher Education website (not affiliated), in which I learned that there was this huge secret population of women in academia (professors, grad students, deans, etc.) who have always been interested in cosmetics and skincare but whose social experiences as young adults didn't encourage them to think of themselves as being beautiful. That's sad, isn't it? Women shouldn't have to choose between being smart and feeling pretty, between being a lab rat and being a glamazon. I'm happy to be able to help women who are struggling with this by providing a safe space for them to ask questions about products and techniques (from the most basic on up), giving honest -- and, I hope, entertaining -- reviews of products, and in general promoting an attitude towards beauty and skincare that's fun and easy without using language that assumes my readers are a) 22 or b) dingbats.

Something not commonly know about Voxy:
I have a doctoral degree in music from an Ivy League institution -- I won't say which, but it's in Connecticut and rhymes with "jail" -- but while I was in graduate school I considered throwing the whole music thing out the window and becoming a scholar of the ancient Maya, because I thought it would be cool to go down to Belize and thrash through the spider- and snake-infested jungle in 100-degree weather to study old dirty pieces of rock. Then I realized that it would involve thrashing through the spider- and snake-infested jungle in 100-degree weather. And there are no five-star hotels in the jungle, which would seriously cramp my style. So, yeah, I gave up Belize and stuck with Beethoven.

About Foxy Voxy's Academic Beauty Collective

Because of the target audience, the writing is quite different from that of most other beauty blogs. There is definitely a distinct voice, which comes through not just in regular prose posts but which also occasionally prompts a post in the form of a poem, or a diary entry, or an imaginary conversation between Glamour Hound Voxy, who yearns after all new trends, and Fiscally Responsible Voxy, who manages the money. (Fiscally Responsible Voxy usually loses these battles.) They are creative posts, distinctively written, with commentary that is both funny and honest. The site was launched in October 2009

History of the blog
Foxy Voxy's Academic Beauty Collective was created by popular demand in October 2009 after about two and a half years of discussion on a skincare/makeup thread in the Chronicle of Higher Education's online forums. I know that seems like a really strange place for a beauty blog to originate, but it turned out there were (and are) a lot of women in academia who secretly want to play with makeup but who are shy about asking questions or embarrassed that they don't know the basics. They needed a place to hang out that was safe and friendly and tailored to their style, and since I'd been writing on this Chronicle beauty thread for 2 1/2 years already, they had seen that they could trust me to recommend products and guide them through techniques, and they knew my voice already. I love that this year one of the blog regulars got a highly competitive college teaching job and credited her red lipstick (bought based on my review) with giving her the confidence to do a great interview. (And when she first started reading the blog, she was a total cosmetics newbie! I am proud like a mama hen.)

Future plans for the blog
I'd definitely like the readership to increase, but I want to stay true to my core audience. (This means I will probably not be writing posts on spray-on glitter or Hello Kitty nail art anytime soon.) I want to continue doing photo tutorials, and I definitely want to be highlighting new and interesting products. I've just started a new series called "Amend the Trend" that makes runway trends workable in real life. The first trend we covered was this season's infatuation with orange, and I did some posts on using orange in eye and lip looks in ways that were flattering to real-life people. I also help readers to find creative makeup looks that are work-appropriate but still have flair, and as the academic job-hunting season rolls around again I'll be doing makeup looks for interviews. I'd like to increase the amount of guest posts I have, because I think it helps draw in readers from different demographics and because there are some things I hardly ever review myself (nail polish, for example) that are nice to have in a cosmetics blog.

The blog can also be found on
Twitter: twitter.com/foxyvoxy

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