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Selena Cintron

Selena Cintron (Bethlehem, UNITED STATES) is a Beauty Blogger who specializes in Nails, Fashion, Lenses, Shoes, Handbags, Sun Wear, Skin care and makeup

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About Selena Cintron

A soon to be 18 year old girl, from a small town that has nothing to offer her; trying to get her name out there! An inspiring executive assistant, singlanguage interpretor, and a nurse. Who says a girl can't be undecided, huh?! I am still in H.S., but that won't stop me from becoming socially "out there." I am not the loud, outgoing type, but you know what they say about the quiet girls... they are the most wild!!

Something not commonly know about Selena Cintron:
I am undecided about my career. I want to be several things all at once, but you know, life is hard. I want to do so many things before I reach the age of 30. I am a 90s baby, with no babies. YAY! I intend to keep that going. I want to travel the world, eat every type of food out there, ride every rollercoaster, and step on every milestone on the way back. A girl can dream big, can't she? :)

Selena Cintron in the press:
I was once almost going to be an extra on the show, "Jerseylicious." Due to one of the cast members getting sick, the show was not able to be filmed that day. Which I am very sad about ): But, I know that another opportuniy is in-store for me! We'll just have to wait and see!

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About Do the things that interest me, interest you?

My blog is about the interest that I have, that may interest other bloggers aswell. My blog is always open to anyone that feels free to comment on their interests. The site was launched in July 2012

History of the blog
I launched my blog March of 2012. I simply started it with a few fellow classmates, about the things we were learning in class, then my mother turned me on to the idea of blogging about the things that I like/interest me! So, basically, it was for fun, now it is something I want to persue, and I want to get my small name out into that big world!

Future plans for the blog
The undecided girl, I am! I want to be several things in my future, but it's hard to figure out which one I want to start first. I want to live in so many different places, but I don't want to be far from home. I am undecided, and still confused about several things. But, even though I am a highschool girl, I am not going to play any games! I am confident my future WILL take off! Watch me go! :)

The blog can also be found on
Twitter: @selenacintron
Other Networks: Instagram @selena_cintron

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