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Below is a list of the best travel blogs online. We currently have 337 top travel blogs with a combined monthly audience of 2,757,214 people and 6,253,241 monthly page impressions.

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Best Travel Blogs ** Top Travel Bloggers travel Blogs on Twitter travel Blogs on Facebook travel Blogs on YouTube
Europe a la Carte Travel Blog Karen Bryan Y Y Y
Lifecruiser Travel Blog Lifecruiser Y Y Y
A Traveler's Library Vera Marie Badertscher Y Y
What a Trip Nancy D. Brown Y Y Y
Amateur Traveler Chris Christensen Y Y
Two Backpackers Two Backpackers Y Y Y
My Itchy Travel Feet Donna Y Y Y
Malaysia Asia David Y Y Y
Matt Gibson's Adventure Travel Blog Matt Gibson Y Y Y
Hole In The Donut Travels Barbara Weibel Y Y Y
Heather on her travels Heather Cowper Y Y
Uncornered Market Audrey Scott Y Y Y
Two Go Round-The-World Two Go Round-The-World Y Y
Intoxicated Abroad Matt Y Y Y
Traveller Soul Karla Aguilar Perez Y Y
Theme Park Mom Leigh Caldwell Y Y Y
Canada's Adventure Couple Dave and Deb Y Y Y
Travels With Two Melanie Waldman Y Y
Eye On Costa Rica Kimberly Barron Y Y
Costa Rica Insights Kimberly Barron Y Y
Vegan World Trekker Maria Giurcan Y Y
The Aussie Nomad Chris Richardson Y Y
Sophie's World Anne-Sophie Redisch Y Y Y
LashWorldTour Lash Y Y
Everything Everywhere Gary Arndt Y Y Y
Go Visit Hawaii Sheila Beal Y
Velvet Escape Keith Y Y
Walter's Travel Memo: Golf and Diving Around the World Walter Schaerer Y Y Y
Spa Travel Gal Ava Ava Roxanne Y Y Y
Go, See, Write - overland RTW adventure travel Michael Y Y Y
501 Places Andy Jarosz Y Y
The Longest Way Home | Travel Blog Dave from The Longest Way Home Y Y Y
The Practical Nomad Edward Hasbrouck Y
My Several Worlds: Destinations, Lifestyles, and Cultures in Carrie Kellenberger Y Y
The Lost Backpack thelostbackpack Y Y Y
Writing Travel Lanora Y Y Y
Will Work 4 Travel Cheryl MacDonald and Lisa Chavis Y Y Y
Traveling North Korea Steve Nelson Y Y Y
Inside the Travel Lab Abigail King Y Y Y
Raising Miro on the Road of Life Lainie Liberti Y Y Y
Bacon is Magic Ayngelina Brogan Y Y Y
Wandering Trader Marcello Arrambide Y Y Y
Tourist 2 Townie Gareth Leonard Y Y Y
IcedChai Lavanya Ullas Y Y Y
Null&Full Agata Mleczko Y Y Y
Don't Stop Living Jonny Y Y Y
Travel Addicts Laura and Lance Y Y Y
Los Sabores de Mexico Elsie Y Y Y
First-time Travels Claire Algarme Y Y Y
A Luxury Travel Blog Paul Johnson Y Y
Expat in Germany Laurel Y Y
Brazil Travel Blog Tony Y Y
Taste of Slow Elin Y Y
We Roam Around Shaun V Y Y
Fotos del mundo Joseba Y Y
hundred wunders Valerie Paterson Y Y
The Internet is closed for Winter Dave Y
Angie Away Angie Y Y Y
Jandal Road Christina Y Y Y
Central Minnesota Mom Karen Nelson Y Y Y
MaiTravelSite Federico Y Y Y
Veronica's Blog Veronica Y Y Y
Around the World "L" Travel Blog Lillie Marshall Y Y
On the Road With Kp Kathy Parker Y Y
Sammy's Generic Travel Blog Sammy Corfield Y Y
Going Nomadic Dani Blanchette Y Y Y
Travel in 10 David Brodie Y Y Y
Different Doors Different Doors Y Y
Vilondo Bali Travel Guide Stefan Russel Y Y
KanCanDo - Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Sri Lanka Kan Y Y Y Global Holidays Adventure Y Y Y
Visit Flyover Country Adam Sommer Y Y Y
Tasteway Natalia Sitarska Y Y
Wonderful Wanderings Sofie Couwenbergh Y Y
Paco&Vero Travels Veronica Corrales Y Y
Stuck at The Airport Harriet Baskas Y Sara Lingafelter Y Y
New Gay Travel Guide michael snell Y Y
Nomadic Notes Travel Blog James Clark Y Y Y

** The blogs above are ranked according to the amount of information the blogger has provided. You can see the blogs ranked by influence if you register for the Konector Insight service.

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- In the United States
- Female
- Single
- Between the ages of 18-25
- Are college graduates

Then you will be able to find a list of the best travel blogs matching the demographics you have defined. We will also provide you with detailed site statistics, including monthly visitor numbers and page impressions, for each of the top blogs. Those bloggers with a large number of Twitter followers, Facebook friends and YouTube fans will be highlighted too.

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