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Let us help you find, 'konect' and build relationships with the leading influencers in your sector

Influencer Discovery

Find those individuals who have the real influence on your target audience, including what they specialize in (e.g. hair, shoes, smartphones, etc.)

Audience Demographics

Understand the size, location and demographics of their audience, including gender, age, education and salary.

Relationship Building

Start building your relationships by knowing more about the influencers you want to work with, including background and future plans.

Writing Style

Choose to engage with bloggers based on their writing style, is it formal or casual, funny or serious


You can choose to work with influencers who write positive reviews about products they have tested and liked.


Use our platform to easily engage with the influencers you want to work with, so you can start building relationships with them today.

I am an Influencer

Our priority is to help you 'konect' with brands that are the best possible match for you.

By working with us, we filter the most relevant brands for you. All you have to do is tell us a little bit about yourself, why you want to hear from brands (advertising, product reviews, etc.) and what you specialize in. We will then 'konect' you with brands to help you earn more for your work, attract job opportunities, get free products for review and receive invitations to attend and speak at events.

Register with us for free today to hear from the leading brands within your industry.

Get more for your work:

  • Get paid for sponsored posts
  • Receive additional advertising opportunities
  • Get free products for review
  • Attract job opportunities
  • Receive invitations to attend and speak at events

Our Sectors

We specialize in six sectors with over 2,000 influencers

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Monthly Impressions


The 2016 Top 50 Influencers in Beauty is a 150 page report that studies those individuals with the greatest influence in beauty. The report will help you understand who has the real influence in beauty, and who has the greatest impact on your target market, by product type, location and demographic.

List Influencers

$99Per Month

  • List the top influencers in your sector
  • lists include:
  • - Influencer and blog names
  • - Links to social presences
  • - Influencer interests & speciality
  • - Why they want to work with you

Contact Influencers

$299per month

  • List the top influencers in your sector
  • PLUS detailed influencer profiles
  • PLUS direct influencer contact:
  • - Contact the leading influencers
  • - Messages sent diectly to their inbox
  • The quickest way to build relationships


$499per month

  • Contact influencers across ALL sectors
  • List the top influencers in all sectors
  • PLUS all detailed influencer profiles
  • PLUS direct influencer contact
  • Designed for leading agencies

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